TVS Apache RR 310S Modifications w/ Latest 2018

New TVS Apache RR 310s Modifications: Best Of Them 2018

TVS Apache RR 310S Modifications

TVS Apache RR 310S is a revolutionary bike which has been made by an Indian manufacturer brand TVS! I don’t wanna go into technical specs because you are here for the TVS Apache RR 310 Modifications. I have done my research on TVS Apache RR 310 Modifications and come up with these best on class modifications done by some best peoples.

TVS Apache RR 310s With AKRAPOVIC DOUBLE EXHAUST (Under The Seat)

TVS Apache RR 310s With Under the seat Exhaust

Most probably in your mind right now “Damn this looks awesome.” That’s what my mind was when I saw this. The modification was done by Verma Automotives 

Don’t worry down below I’m gonna give full details about them. In this TVS Apache RR 310s Modification what they did is they remove the stock Exhaust and replace that with “two” AKRAPOVIC Exhaust. The result of this is the best sound ever on Apache RR 310. It gonna help the bike to achieve more top speed. Yes, the Exhaust is sporty so it gonna help in the more power through that 310cc power house (A li’l Bit).

Here is the video:

This video is uploaded on the channel Verma Automotives

Contact Details> Phone: 9569449732 (Location: Chandigarh)

Surely contact them if you want to do this awesome work of modification on your TVS Apache RR 310s. In this video, you gonna see the complete walk around and also the sound of the beast. Altho, a video is uploaded in 360p so the quality of the video may not be best. But you all can live with it I think. Well, you can do this modification if you want to change the sound and look of your bike.


New TVS Apache RR 310s Modifications: Front Number Plate Position Change

This guy is complete savage!!! (As a video is given below). He made some pretty good changes to his Tvs Apache RTR 310s’s No plate (Front Only). He made a custom Mount as we Indian famous for “Jugad”. Altho it doesn’t look like a Jugad. Have a look at the video given down below.


Video Uploaded On Channel: BikerBlogger – Flavin Sojan Thomas

Go ask them about there works how they did and do subscribe them! That’s all I wanna say about them. And about us do bookmark us for more content like this. Most noteworthy do comment below what you think about these TVS Apache RR 310S Modifications and you know about more then also let us know below.

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